Now You Can Track Your Dog Simply With Pet Tracking Microchip

Pet tracking chips are the first best thing that happened to address the problem of lost pets.

The application of electronics to everyday problems is one of the achievements of human endeavor and responsible for the advancement of life as a whole. The invention of the pet tracking chip is a simple example.

How does a pet tracking chip work?

A pet tracking chip is a passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) device which remains inactive till it is powered by a scanner.

It consists of a chip or integrated circuit, a coil inductor, and a capacitor.

The chip is the one that contains the unique information about the pet which is encoded into its electronic circuitry.

The coil acts as the secondary winding of a normal transformer, only the transformer is the scanner apparatus, which sends the power through the induction to the coil. The coil and the capacitor form a resonant LC circuit which transmits its data through the coil to the scanner.

These three components are encapsulated in a biocompatible material like soda lime or borosilicate glass and sealed. Dogs and cats are unaffected by them, except in a very few very rare cases. A cat tracking chip and a dog tracking chip work on the same principle. It is only that they are named, branded and marketed differently.

Is it a simple process?

Though the technology is complicated for an average non scientific mind, it is very easy to get your pets microchipped. You can order your microchip from any online dog microchip companies and have it delivered. Take it to your vet along with your pet of course. Without anesthesia the vet will implant it like an ordinary injection, just under the skin, between the shoulder blades. He or she will test scan it.

A form will have to be filled in, by the vet or yourself, and the vet will see that it is submitted to the online registry. The details are

  • Name of the pet
  • Name of the owner
  • Description of the pet
  • Address of the owner and contact number
  • Emergency contact number

In case your pet gets lost, the shelter or the vet that it is brought to only has to detect a chip by scanning the scanner over its shoulder blades. The details will show up and your pet can be united with you again, without any problem.

Nowadays it is compulsory to get your pet microchipped as soon as you decide to adopt it.

About 8 million animals end up in shelters every year! Out of the dogs and cats there, only 15-20% dogs and 2% of cats are united with their owners. To get the cat figure higher, microchips for cats should be implanted in cats by their owners.

The best pet insurance plan offers these microchips along with the plan. It is the best way to show that care for your cat if you take a microchip for cats.